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    Container gardening ideas to keep in mind

    The best thing about container gardening is that you don't need to be a landscape designer to place them and ensure they thrive. With a little commitment and these simple ideas, you will surely have thriving garden planters.

    Choose the right container

    – When the sun is out, the soil, leaves, and roots heat up. So, if you choose a dark metal port, you risk cooking the whole pot and its contents. However, light-coloured garden planters allow your outdoor companions to thrive.

    Plants thrive in a pot that drains

    – If you buy plant pots labelled 'indoor & outdoor', ensure you pop out the drainage hole before using it in your garden. Also, place a saucer under the container to prevent it from staining your patio or paved garden.

    Pick the right soil

    – You might be tempted to use soil from your backyard, but your plants won't thrive in it. Choosing fertile soil that allows water and air to move around easily is important. Most importantly, use the right fertilisers.

    Water your plants

    – In warmer months, water your plants at least twice a week. Check soil moisture every day and water depending on the readings.