Pet Travel Bed Carrier Carry Bag Side Roll Up Door Zipper Flap Button Secure

Dual Use Pet Bed and Travel Carrier will help transport you house pet and keep them feeling safe and comfortable.

ūüôĬ†¬†EASY PET TRANSPORT¬†– Taking a family pet somewhere often can pose several challenges.¬† How to take their bed with them, and how to move them in a secure way.¬† A cat that has a bed it is familiar with will help the cat become more comfortable when being away from home.¬† The bed also folds up into a handy travel case.

ūüôĬ†¬†COMFORTABLE FELT BED¬†– The portable cat bed is made from non woven felt cloth that is light weight and comfortable to sleep on.¬† Get your pet comfortable with the bed by putting it in a safe area they like to sleep in.¬† They will get their scent on the material and feel good as they claim it for themselves.

ūüźē¬†¬†TRAVEL FRIENDLY¬†– The pet bed can fold up to become a travel carrier.¬† It is well ventilated and is secured at the top with 3 buttons next to the carry handle.¬† When you get to the destination, unzip the front roll up entrance so the pet can come out at its own discretion.¬† This well help the pet feel more secure in the new environment.¬† When they are ready to come out, transition the carrier back to its nesting bed.¬† It helps to practice with the pet a day early to get them pet used to the traveler.

ūüźē¬†¬†EASY MAINTENANCE¬†– Once the pet is returned back home, the felt travel carrier can be machine washed.¬† Use fabric softener on a second wash cycle to provide the best soft comfort.¬† Machine dry on gentle with low heat.¬† And remember to reward your cat or dog with a treat for their good behavior!


Felt Travel Bed *  Comfortable Pet Carrier * Cat Crate
Ventilated and Comfortable *  Easy to Carry * Dog Crate
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