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Mini Personal Air Conditioner Humidifier Purifier Cleanable Filter USB Portable


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Mini Ultra Air Conditioner will cool any personal space fast and easy!

❄️  Cooling technology – Evaporator improves the temperature where you need it.  Cools your personal area to make you more comfortable.
❄️  Humidifier – Adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation to skin, nose, throat, and lips.  Helps a dry cough.
❄️  Purifier – Remove mist, smoke, and odors.  Effectively helps improve air quality by filtering allergens, mold, and toxins.*
❄️  Adjustable air flow – Air speed control and adjustable grill direct air flow
❄️  Easy to clean filter – Regularly cleaning the air filter will keep it working great.
❄️  Built in Night LED – Offers comfortable lighting when needed


Out of stock

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We offer this Mini Portable Air Conditioner for your home or office. This compact air conditioner does more than just cool, it also is a humidifier and purifies the air around you. All of that in this one unit! This mini air conditioner is both space efficient and economical. Don’t be fooled with its small size, this mini AC unit is great for on the go and can be powered from a laptop or even a power bank! The height of this AC unit is under 7 inches and won’t take up any space even if you have it on your desk. It’s easy to set up, simply pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy. 

Product Contents

  • Ultra air conditioner
  • Replaceable evaporative air filter
  • USB Power adapter
  • Instruction guide
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Weight 1.656 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 6.3 × 5.7 in


Product Specs

  • Water tank capacity: 0.1-0.11 us gal (400-450ml)
  • Winds speed: 3 modes (Low/ Medium/ High)
  • Features: 3 in 1 unit that cools, humidify and purify

*The odor of smoke is not removed entirely and instances of smoke stains on walls and ceiling can occur despite purifier usage.
** Not a replacement for taking allergy medications
*** Despite all the benefits of filtered air, it does not remove particles that have come to rest on surfaces in home.  Remember to clean surfaces regularly.

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