Laundry Washing Machine Twin Tub Semi Automatic Top Loading Compact Washer Tub Large

Portable Washing Machine can help you clean clothes whenever you may need.  It is semi-automatic and makes washing cloths an easy chore.

SEMI-AUTOMATIC WASHER – Makes washing clothes fast and easy.  Compact design makes it easy to use wherever you can plug it in next to a water facet or sink.

FAST SAVES MONEY AND TIME – Washing machine creates your own personal laundrymat that does not requires quarters or money to operate.  You can wash several items, about half a regular load, in a fast as 6 to 15 minutes.

EASY CLOTHS WASHING – Simple clothes washing, just connect water inlet to a faucet, add water inside bin, add detergent, position drain hose, plug into power, adjust setting and add clothes.

COMPACT SPACE SAVING – Small washing machine with large tub allows you to store or use the washing machine in a space saving environment.  It can be used in the bathroom, tub, kitchen, or on the road in an RV or mobile home.

?  TWIN TUB DESIGN – A separate tube is available to rinse clothes and then to spin them dry.  Separates almost all water from clothes.  Hang them up on a hanger and they will be dry by morning.  Clothes will be soft and comfortable.

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Washing Machine * Semi Automatic * Electric * Water Inlet * Water Drain * Washing Modes * Timer

This lightweight and space-saving design makes it ideal for  apartments, dormitories, or anywhere with limited space. The transparent body design allows you to observe the washing process at any time. Compact design and durable structure, easy to move and transport.

There are many controllable setting to get the proper washing.  Just make sure you do not overfill the washer with clothes or water, and keep a nice balanced load.  The rest will take care of itself!

Use a gentle detergent, and do another cycle for fabric softener.  Your clothes will smell good and have a soft feeling.  Lightly soiled clothes only take 6 minutes to wash.  Heavy soiled clothes will be clean in 15 minutes.

Water will drain out easily, with no lifting or tilting of the machine.

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