Cat Hammock Bed Lounge Soft Sway Washable Plush Bedding Elevated Wood Swing

🐈  CAT HAMMOCK COMFORT – The cat hammock is entertaining for pet owners and a challenge for your cat.  Once the cat learns how to master getting and laying into the feline cat hammock, it will be rewarded with sleep and rest comfort all year round.


🐈  CAT APPROVED– The stand is designed to minimalize space and still give your cat room to sway gently back and forth.  Carefully placed anchors help mitigate swaying so your cat has peace of mind and a new sense of balance.  Cat will sleep soundly and peacefully.


🐈  RAISED CAT BED – Most cat beds are round cushions that sit on the floor.  Why not give your cat a boost!  A cat having its own space to nest and call its own will give them a sense of security and comfort.  We think the Cat Hammock is the best solution for making your kitty feel at home.


🐈  QUALITY MATERIALS – Made from all natural wood that is attractive in any home, you will find that it is warm and inviting for your beloved pet.  It feels good and looks cute.  Holds up to 22lb animal.  For Kittens try adding two towels to give it weight and stability.  They will take interest and be purring in no time!


Cat Hammock * Pet Swing * Cat Bed
Sleeping Space *  Plush Cushion & Wood Frame

*Cute adorable pets not included


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