Air Fryer 3.1L (3.3qt) Family Size Electric Multi Mode Timer Adjustable Heat Healthy Cooking LCD 1500W BLK

👨‍🍳  GUILT FREE FRIED FOOD – Healthy Cooking with an Air Fryer can cook food with 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.  The taste of deep fried food that is crispy, tasty, texture, and healthy.

🍗  COOKING MODES – Several cooking modes allow you to select how your food will cook and taste.  Cooking modes include Fried food, Barbecue mode, Roast styles, and Dessert mode.  The air fryer is great a reheating food. You will have endless options for recipes to make, all that come out delicious and does not burn the food.  Overcooked food will not taste dry.

💨 RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY – Air Fryer uses a whirlwind of hot air to cook food evenly.  It circulates through the chamber around the food and is safer the using hot grease to fry.  It heats up to 400°F and cooks food fast.  It has safety auto shutoff feature.  Align food next to each other so air can circulate around think pieces of meat, fries, or veggies.  Start with less time & lower than max temperature when first learning how to make meals.

🧽  FAST CLEAN UP – Fast cooking and easy clean up provides more family time.  Say goodbye to dirty pots, pans, and standing around watching the food cook.  Cleanup is a breeze with non-stick ceramic coating.  The cooking tray is dishwasher safe.  The air fryer will give you better food in less time of preparing and cooking.  Anybody can learn to use it and it will be a daily time saving routine.



The air fryer is a marvelous miracle of a machine.  The whole concept of air frying is miraculous because you can get food without adding oil or fat and get the same fried taste!  Like many things that sound mysterious, it actually has a very reasonable explanation.  But before we reveal the secret, let us make clear that air frying is not frying.  To really fry you need to submerge food in oil.  No way around the fact.  But what an air fryer does do is give you that crispy, crunch that makes Southern fried chicken or French fries food we all crave.

How Does Air Fryers Work?

An air fryer is actually a lot like a countertop conventional oven.  It is a small electric appliance with a heating element and a fan that blows air around inside a cooking chamber.  However, the air fryer will swirl air very quickly in a circular fashion to reach all the surfaces of the food and create a crisp crust.  In addition, the food itself sits in a perforated basket which increases its contact with the hot moving air.  Another thing that makes a big difference is there is not much extra space between the walls of the chamber, and the basket intensifies the heat.

Can I skip the oil entirely?

Most air fryer recipes recommend that you either toss or spray foods with at least a little oil.  However, many air fryer chefs find it is not necessary.  Food comes out just as crispy without a thin coating of oil.  If you want to add some butter or olive oil for flavor, our recommendation is adding it after the foods been cooked to maximize its impact.

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Power:  1500W

Voltage:  120V

Timer 5-30 minutes

Temperature: 80 to 400°F

Fryer Basket:  3.6L

Outer Pot:  5.5L

Display:  LCD Display

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