75′ Garden Hose Elastic Latex Shroud Spray Novel Quick Shutoff Brass Valve ELT

ECONOMY GRADE – Good benefits at a low cost, the hose has nice features and will get you to watering your garden right away. Expanding outer sleeve is made from plastic and latex which allows the hose to be stretched out or rolled up easily.

SPRAY NOZZLE – Multi Mode spray nozzle allows water for how the situation calls for if you need to soak, mist, shower, or rinse. Cover larger areas with cone, vertical, 1/2 vertical, or flat stream of spray. Non-slip handle is easy to manage and switch between settings.

BRASS FITTING – Brass fittings allow for best endurance and leak proof where you need them the most. Will stand up to rugged use. Also has a quick shut off valve to prevent wasting water.

MOUNTING BRACKET – An easy to install mounting bracket can be placed where the hose is needed the most, allowing quick easy access and to help easily manage the hose. Helps protect the spray nozzle from being stepped on when not in use to ensure your equipment last a long time.

$39.59 $47.51

Garden Hose * Sprayer Nozzle * Brass Fittings * Mounting Nozzle Bracket
Easy Spray Settings * Quick Shutoff Valve * Easy to Manage


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