7 Pocket Hanging Vertical Garden Space Saver Wall Fence Planter Designer Decor


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Wall Hanging Planter allows vertical design of garden planting both indoors or outdoors.

The more hanging gardens the better – Provides a striking appearance and variety along chain link fences, patio, doors, and more!

Improve garden space – Allows decorating the garden by having plants of any type able to go up the walls.

Easy to relocate your favorite plants – Relocate your plants to where they can receive optimal sun.  Easily change up the look on your garden in moments.

Space saving design – Allows for garden decoration in small spaces such as patios, apartments, or balcony.

?  Optimal Moisture Retention – Pockets retain enough moisture to keep soil wet for longer while being permeable enough to allow proper drainage to avoid water stagnation.  For indoor use, you can line soil pockets with plastic so there is no water drip.


Out of stock

Wall Hanger 7 Pocket Product Image

Vertical Wall Hanging Planter
Easy way to grow plants when you don’t have a lot of space.  More importantly, allows you to to go vertical with your garden!  Get multiple wall hangers to cover a chain link fences or walls, or place in optimal places to highlight your favorite garden sections.

Perfect for growing a variety of plants
Herbs ● Flowers ● Vegtables ● Seedling ● More!

Planting Ideas
Ferns ● Succulents ● Peperomia ● Chinese Evergreen ● Ivy ● Norfolk Island Pine ● Hoya ● Rubber Tree ● Corn Plant ● Pothos ● Cast-Iron Plant ● Jade Plant ● Weeping Fig ● Kalanchoe

Product Information:

Color: Black
Size: 40″ x 11.8″
Soil Pockets: 7

1. Simply hang on the wall.
2. Fill pockets 3/4 full with planting soil.
3. Plant seedlings or plants into pocket
4. Water the plants regularly.

Package Include
One (1) Hanging Pocket

* No mounting material included
**No soil, seeds, or plants included


  • Before adding soil, we recommend lining the bottom of each pouch with plastic to help keep the water where you place it.
  •  Try not to place it in a hot place while the plant is in the seedling stage
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