Pet Shower Kit Dog Cat Animal Sprayer Shower Head Nozzle Attachment Brush Rubber Water Shield

Pet shower kit will help you bathe your dog faster, easier, and more efficiently while you stay dry. Giving your best friend a calming, cleaner bathing experience.


🛁  COMFORTABLE PET BATH – Innovative shower brush head will attach to a water hose and can be turned on or off for best water control.

🛁  TRAIN PET TO GET A BATH – Washing animals and keeping them clean can pose certain challenges.  Getting them to relax with a nice bath is made simpler with the Pet Wash Sprayer.  Getting them used to a cleaning routine is a bonding experience, so why not make the best of it!  They will enjoy how the sprayer massages through their fur to remove deep dirt residue.  Pet baths can now be fun and enjoyable.

🛁  PET FRIENDLY GRIP HANDLE – Holding the sprayer and massage it through the pets fur will feel like a natural petting motion.  If they get nervous, quickly switch the water off and give them a few pets to calm them before continuing.  So much better than just squirting them with a garden hose or shower head.

🛁  CLEAN PETS IS OUR GOAL – Whether your like to wash your pets in the yard, garage, sink, tub, mudroom, dog shower room, cat shower cage, or a cat shower caddy, we believe this pet shower sprayer will improve the cleaning.  It makes a challenging chore more efficient, and will get your pet clean in no time!


Pet Shower Kit * Dog Shower * Cat Shower * Animal Shower Hoser

Pet Shower Station * Hose Attachment * Pet Shower Brush

*Water hose not included

**Soap bubbles, suds, wash tub, shower cap, shower mat, and shower pan are not included
***Cute adorable pets also not included


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