2 Piece Knee Stabilizer Brace Relieves Arthritis and Tendon Injury Recovery Ligament Support for Sports Neoprene Knee Brace

MULTIPLE USES – Knee bandages can be used for exercise and daily life to protect muscles, ligaments and tendons after knee injury, and can effectively relieve acute and chronic knee pain caused by arthritis, strain, sprain and fatigue.

COMFORTABLE – There are three Velcro straps on the knees, and the extra sliders are in the right position, providing lateral and medial support and providing a true sense of stability for the weak knees.

FLEXIBLE – suitable for jogging, cross-matching, football, fitness and other sports. The universal size is suitable for adults and children with a knee circumference of 30-48 cm. Measure the leg circumference (above the knee) before ordering!

PROTECTION – Bandages are ideal for preventing knee problems. The gel ring stabilizes the kneecap (tibia). The sides are reinforced with flexible metal rails to protect the knees.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL – Neoprene knee orthosis is soft and strong, does not scratch or squeeze, provides good wearing comfort, and the knee bandage is made of breathable material. Moisture is directed outward through special materials. Cleaning should be done manually in cold water.


BIGTREE now offers individual support braces for your body needs. Our Knee Stabilizer will assist you on recovering from injuries or pains that you’ve sustained. Our Knee Stabilizer was created from specialized fabric blends, offering all-around support that will aid in your recovery. The breathable fabric absorbs sweat quickly and keeps your knees dry, allowing you hours of continuous use. Our Knee Stabilizer, was designed for easy use with its 3 strap system to wrap your knee and keep it secure. With wrapping it around your knee, the surrounding compression material supports the injured ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints while helping it reduce inflammation and help circulate blood flow. With the open-patella design, it helps relieves pressure and also reduces joint stress during activities.

Knee Pain Issues

Do you wake up every morning with joint issues? Did you injure yourself yesterday or even in the past? Are you recovering from surgery? This is the item for you!

Daily Workout Activities

There’s many applications for our Knee Stabilizer. If you feel that you need a bit of support around your knees, our Knee Stabilizer is a perfect fit! With its lightweight neoprene fabric, you won’t feel the bulkiness like other braces. It’s an overall great support around your knee and will assist you in your recovery.


Our Knee Stabilizer is simple yet effective:


  • Open-patella design
  • 3-Strap system
  • Lightweight neoprene
  • Breathable
  • Hand wash Only
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