1.5″ Battle Rope Poly Dacron Fitness Wall Mount Anchor Workout Training Cardio BLUE 40ft

BIGTREE Battle Rope will give you so many variations of exercise workouts that is sure to be a fun fitness challenge.


🏋️  FULL BODY WORKOUT – Focus on natural movements.  The battle ropes are dynamic exercises in nature, intended for improving conditioning and general strength. Engages the hands, arms, shoulders, back, core, and even legs for a full body workout.

🏋️  ANY FITNESS LEVEL – Chances are you have seen people in the gym going wild exercising with different style ropes.  It may look intense, but the truth is it can be used by anybody including the beginners and the weekend warrior.  Just focus on natural movements and remember to try different variations doing whatever feels comfortable.

🏋️  POLY-DACRON FINISH – Wear resistant durable heavy Poly-Dacron blend material.  1.5″ diameter full length battle exercise rope is a great option for the serious fitness enthusiast and beginner building out the home gym and outdoor workout.

🏋️  DURABLE COMFORTABLE HANDLES – 3-strand-thick design with 7.5 inches heat-shrink grips to protect your hands and give you a secure grip for all your training and exercises! The battle rope for home with high tensile strength prevents breaking, fraying, or coming loose.  Allows you to focus on your workout.


Battle Rope Blue Diameter Wall Mount Battle Rope Anchor Feature

Exercise Movements

Double whips  •  Two-handed single rope whips  •  Alternating waves  •  Hip toss  •  Seated Hip Toss  •  Matching Waves  •  Counterclockwise  •  Clockwise  •  Jumping Jacks  •  Power Slams  •  Side-to-Side Waves  •  Shuffle  •  Ski Steps  •  Hedge Trimmers  •  Seated variations


Product Features

  • Increase Strength, stamina and promote weight loss.
  • Portable, inexpensive equipment, uses many muscles such as stabilizers, core, secondary, and compound muscle groups!
  • Endcap is included to prolong life of rope.
  • Canvas cover is not included, but can be added if using outdoors or a harsher workout environment.

Blue Battle Rope Lifestyle

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