About Us

BIGTREE SALES Inc is a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler within the general merchandise industry based in Southern California. Throughout the years, the company has grown and still expanding its ability to reach through our partners around the globe.


BIGTREE SALES Inc. has built strong clients base such as dollar stores, gift shops, toy stores, supermarkets, chain and department stores. Proudly, One of our strongest point is that our sales team are all extremely well-trained team players, and with their outstanding extensive experiences they are able to have a keen eye for targeting what our clients are seeking for in the market, whether you are seeking for a supplier that is specialized in subcategories such as Lawn and garden, solar lights, outdoor accessories, gifts & promotional items, seasonal products, home decor, bicycle accessories, fitness and sports, kitchenware, cleaning products etc.


We are here to provide our top-notch resources but not limited to it. Our company is dedicated to accomplishing our goals by developing the most distinct and innovative products in the industry.