25.5" (65cm) Yoga Fitness Ball Ring Base Resistance Bands Anti-Burst Core Teal

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Product Description Yoga Ball is an exercise ball constructed of soft elastic rubber, a removable valve stem allows the ball to be filled with air.

Wide range of exercises uses more muscles The stability ball is a great way to get extra support for moves that require endurance and flexibility and it also adds a balance challenge to some yoga poses.

Durable Anti-Burst The stability ball is made of professional eco-friendly PVC material and does not contain BPA and heavy materials. It is also explosion-proof, so even if you sit on it it will slowly deflate without bursting.

How do you use an exercise ball? One common way to use a stability ball is as a substitute for a bench. If you’re accustomed to performing exercises with a stable bench, using an exercise ball will require focusing on your core, hip, and shoulders in a new way.  Because more muscles are needed in the exercise, you can get better results while using less weight.

Yoga and Stretching Rolling Squats with the ball  ●  Upward facing dog and downward facing dog  ●  Downward dog with leg lift to lunge stretch  ●  Seated spinal rotation  ●  Seated stork pose  ●  Warrior I to warrior II and side angle  ●  Torso rotation  ●  Prone scissor kicks  ●  Superman on the ball  ●  Child's pose  ●  Forearm balance  ●  Bridge on the ball  ●  Lying hip stretch

Workout Exercises Stability ball jackknife  ●  Stability ball hamstring curl  ●  Stability ball dead bug  ●  Stability ball V-pass  ●  Stability decline push-up  ●  Stability ball wall squat  ●  Russian twist  ●  Single-leg stability ball hip thrust  ●  shoulder raise  ●  Stability ball roll out

Health and Exercise Benefits A primary benefit of exercising with an exercise is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging more muscles to control the action.  Those muscles become stronger over time to keep balance.  The core body muscles such as the abdominal muscles and back muscles, are the focus of exercise ball fitness programs.

Another major benefit of using an exercise ball is the ability to recruit more muscle units without the need to increase the total load.  The greatest benefit to increase activation of core trunk stabilizers abdominal muscles is increased core strength and greater resistance to injury.

Home or Office Chair Fitness experts and some doctors also recommend sitting on an exercise ball instead of an office chair.

What size stability ball should I get? To find the perfect size, all you need to know is your height. If you’re 5’4″ or taller, opt for a ball that’s 65 cm in diameter. If you’re shorter, 55 cm is best. Use a tape measure to make sure that you have inflated your ball to the specified size.  It should be firm to the touch, but not over inflated. 


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